Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Motor Club of America - A Real Opportunity?

 Motor Club of America May NOT Work For You, Here's Why

Many Motor Club of America Associates claim that beginners who join the Motor Club of America can actually make thousands of dollars online by obtaining their "free" Motor Club of America training. Little do new MCA associates know, that this so called "free" training being offered by many members of MCA promoting the program. Is completely worthless.

 Let me tell you why:

  1. You are not going to gain any knowledge about internet marketing if your sponsor does not know one thing about making real money online. 
  2. They offer you "free" training as an incentive to get you to join under them into Motor Club of America.
  3. If your sponsor does not know what he or she is doing online to make sales and gain leads, traffic to their links and videos. How the heck are they going to show you how to make sales with Motor Club of America?
  4. 99.9% of People in MCA don't know what the hell they're doing. The big boys don't have the time to teach you how to make money with MCA. So what they will do is feed you some bs nonsense about posting spam on Facebook everyday to make sales with MCA. Which is NOT going to work. You may get one or two sales from friends. But after that, how will you keep on making sales?
  5. Generating leads for your business is the main ingredient that you need in order to make money online with any business opportunity or mlm program. These guys do not teach you this stuff.

So What Exactly Do I Need to Make Money Online?


What you need is training, but REAL training. If employees at a job site aren't trained correctly on what specific tasks they need to do throughout their work day. They will go nowhere and bankrupt the company in no time. They need to have a well laid out and detailed plan on what they need to execute each day in order to keep the company in profit.

It's the same principle that needs to be followed when it comes to making money online.


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